Top Pakistan Online Casinos Offering Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of those casino games that is often know by a variety of other names. As such, you might have heard of any one of these other variations, but while there might be slight variations, the basics of the game are the same. You may have heard it called tai sai, or even dai siu. Other English variants are chuck-a-luck and Grand Hazard.

This game, with ancient Chinese roots, is becoming increasingly popular at the finest online casinos in Pakistan. This game of chance, played with three dice, has some incredible winning opportunities for all players. The rules of Sic bo are quite simple. Players place bets on different areas of the table. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will shake a small chest containing three dice. The faces of the dice will then be revealed, and winnings are based by the combinations shown on the dice. It’s as simple as that.

TOP Sic bo CasinosNovember 2023
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2 JackpotCity IE allowed4.9/5$1600Play now
3 Gaming Club IE allowed4.8/5$350Play now
4 Ruby Fortune IE allowed4.7/5$750Play now
5 Casino Midas IE allowed4.6/5$1500Play now
6 IE allowed4.5/5$3200Play now
7 Winner Casino IE allowed4.4/5$2000Play now

Place your Bets in Sic Bo

The real excitement and strategy of the game comes in how you place your bets. Pakistani players are able to choose how much they are willing to bet. If you are just starting out, you may want to just start with some small amounts. However, as you become more confident, the amounts you wager are likely to increase. The other major decision that players have to make is what bets they want to place.

There are a number of different bets available, some of which are much riskier than others. All have varying odds, making these bets great for every type of player. Of course, while the riskier type bets are perhaps more difficult to win, if you do happen to get lucky, you could find yourself winning a major jackpot.

Sic Bo Betting Options

At the top Pakistani online casinos that we have listed on our site, you will find all of the typical Sic Bo bets that are available. The most common bets include a Big bet, in which the total on the dice will be from 11 to 17, excluding a triple. A Small bet has dice totalling 4 to 10, also excluding a triple. In a Three Single Number Combination bet, the dice will show three specific individual numbers. Great odds are on offer for this type of bet.

In a Single Dice bet, a specific number will show on one, two or three of the dice. The betting options for Sic bo don’t end here, and so it might well be worth your while to do a bit of reading up on all the options that are available. The important thing to remember is that every single bet does stand a chance of winning, making every round that much more exciting.

Win Big with Sic Bo

Follow the links on our site. You will be taken to any one of the very finest mobile casinos in Pakistan, all of which offer Sic Bo to Pakistan players. If you are tired some of the other casino games, this incredibly exciting game could be exactly what you are looking for. Register now at the casinos that we recommend and you could just as easily be today’s next big winner.